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 Charles F. Crisp Media and Technology Center

Library Hours 8:00-3:45

The Charles F. Crisp Media and Technology Center is located in the center of Southland's campus. In 2001 an expansion of the original library was undertaken. This new addition houses both the High School and Elementary Libraries and accommodates a technology center. The Southland Academy Board of Trustees, as a lasting tribute to honor Charles F. Crisp, named the media and technology facility the Charles F. Crisp Media and Technology Center.

Charles F. Crisp, a native son and community leader of Americus and Sumter County, was a distinguished public servant, dedicated to improving the quality of life of the citizens of this community. He was among the first to recognize the need and the benefit of providing a choice of private education to the citizens of Americus and Sumter County. By lending his prestigious support, he encouraged others in fostering the development of Southland Academy.

The present media center is fully automated and houses both high school and elementary collections. The building also accommodates the high school and elementary computer labs. Research computers, study/reading areas, and a news media area are available in the main facility. A conference room is designed for teachers, staff, and board members for individual and group meetings.


Accelerated Reader

Southland is excited about using the Accelerated Reader program to enhance its strong reading curriculum.  Each child selects a book on his or her reading level, reads it, and takes a quiz on the computer to see how well he or she comprehends.  If the score is good, the student may advance to a more difficult level.  If the score is below passing, the student is directed to more appropriate books until such time as he or she is ready to advance.  Every book read will help increase reading skills and vocabulary development. The staff feels that this program will challenge our students to develop a love of reading and therefore excel in this most important skill.

To find out if a book you already have at home is on the AR List click here...


The Elementary AR Reading Periods are:

Aug. 15 - Oct. 8   

Oct. 15 - Dec. 11   

Jan. 13 - Mar. 6       

Mar. 9 -  May 1    


Expectations, Recognitions and Rewards:

  • Students must meet their point goal and have an 80% (or higher) comprehension average to participate in the reward day each nine weeks. To attend year-end reward day three goals out of 4 must be met for the year.
  • The top 10 readers in grades 2nd-5th will be recognized each 9 weeks at school by their peers. To be a top 10 reader the comprehension score must be 85% or higher AND books must be on the student's grade level.
  • To attend the year-end celebration, students must meet their goals 3 times out of the 4 nine weeks.
  • Students who meet their AR goals all 4 reading periods will receive a certificate at Lower School Honors Day.
  • The TOP 10 readers for the entire school year will be recognized at Lower School Honors Day.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades- AR comprehension average each 9 weeks will count as one reading test score.
  • 4th and 5th grade only - AR will count as two test grades in reading class. The comprehension average for AR quizzes will be one test grade and the percentage of their goal will be the other.

The Junior High AR Reading Periods are:


Aug. 15 - Oct. 4

Oct. 15 - Dec. 13

Jan. 10 - Feb. 28

Mar. 9 - May 8