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  Mission Statement  

Southland Academy's mission is to provide a firm foundation on which each student can build a strong mind, body, and spirit.

  About The School  

Welcome to Southland Academy!

Southland Academy's campus is located on a beautiful 55-acre campus in Americus, Georgia.  Today, Southland has three-year kindergarten through twelfth grade on the Americus Campus.  The nine building education complex includes a three and four-year kindergarten building, a five-year kindergarten and first grade building, an elementary building, a junior high building, a high school building, a media center (library and two computer labs), a music facility, and two gymnasiums.

The purpose of establishing the school was to make available a quality educational program for those who seek such a challenge, to expose the student to a Christian atmosphere that is conducive to learning, and to provide all the facets of education upon which good citizenship is founded.  Fundamental classroom activities are presented to the student so that he can analyze problems, can perform before his peers, and can achieve distinction as an individual.  Led by well-trained, highly qualified teachers, the student is encouraged to participate to his fullest capacity toward achieving the educational background he needs to prepare him for a productive adult life.  In addition to regular classroom study, the student has opportunities afforded to him in club work, athletics, music and oratory so that his education will be well rounded and complete.

Southland Academy is accredited by the Georgia Accreditation Commission and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).


Our staff, believing that education is the key to the survival of our democracy, provides experiences and information designed to lead to the fullest development of young people as individuals and as members of a democratic society.  Our curriculum is an earnest endeavor to prepare each young person to continue his education, to earn a living, and to perpetuate his social and cultural heritage.

The teachers recognize that differences exist among individuals in their abilities, interests, and needs.  Realizing these divergences, the staff attempts to discover the special qualities of each student.  Employing this knowledge, the school offers a broad program for which students may benefit in varying degrees and attempts to provide suitable experiences in which each student may find answers to his problem.

Southland teachers strive to be alert to their opportunities to guide students in choices of courses and professions.  They gladly counsel with individuals concerning personal experiences, point out their potential abilities, and help to build confidence.  The cooperation of students, parents, and teachers results in a spirit of goodwill and facilitates the solving of problems of all concerned.


Admission is by application only. Each applicant in grades 5K-12 must take an entrance examination and submit a transcript and discipline record from the school(s) previously attended. Examination results and transcript information are evaluated by the School Counselor(s) and the Headmaster who determine final admission and placement. Additionally, admission shall be based on a personal interview with the parents and the student. Acceptance is also subject to vacancies in a particular grade. Registration fees must be paid prior to scheduling or receiving a test date.

Students who are pregnant or who have become a parent, married or have been married, or who have passed their twentieth (20th) birthday may not be enrolled at Southland Academy.

Students entering the three-year Kindergarten program must be three years old before September 1. Students entering the four-year Kindergarten program must be four years old before September 1. Students entering the five-year kindergarten program must be five years old before September 1.  Students entering the first grade must be six years old before September 1.